About Us

This update is to provide all parties interested with a brief historical review of TRTB as well as current and future plans.

The public entity known as True2Beauty was originally incorporated in the State of Nevada on December 11, 2006 as Burrow Mining, Inc. On May 10, 2010, the Company changed its name to True 2 Beauty and shifted its focus to the health and beauty sector. In September 2010, a privately held entity had its assets purchased by TRTB. True2Beauty (Burrow Mining) had discontinued filing audited returns as of the 2nd quarter of fiscal 2010. From the beginning of the asset purchase through the latter part of 2011, the Company filed its quarterly and yearly financials with the assistance of an outside accounting firm, in a manner consistent with GAAP standards and with the intention of doing a look back audit for the prior two years of the privately held entity that sold its assets to TRTB, as well as the audit for all filings for TRTB to make it current and fully reporting. At the time of the Asset purchase, approximately 40,000,000 shares of the 225,000,000 issued and outstanding were in the public float, the balance of the shares were not registered and therefore had restrictions regarding their sale.

In December 2011, the Directors of the company chose to change the direction of the company, selling the assets purchased in September 2010 to one of the original owners of the company that sold the assets to True2Beauty.

Part of this change in direction for the Company included a capital restructuring with a 1 for 100 reverse split of all outstanding shares, providing the Company with a new capital structure to help raise capital.

A decision was made to create an online retail platform that could be disruptive to a number of highly successful e-commerce operations; with the added bonus it would allow for expansion into related areas of opportunity.

The result is BetUGetIt, a uniquely formulated method for customers to actively participate in the process of bidding to win products, through fast paced auctions. The goal has been to create an entertaining and value driven model that competes with EBay, Q Bids, and many daily sales sites. The site was beta launched at the end of April, 2014, featuring a number of unique tools designed to guarantee users value. BetUGetIt is based upon a fundamental concept, to ensure users can pay less than retail for goods, and enjoy the challenge of trying to win auctions.

The product focus for BetUGetIt will include sports lifestyle products as well as collectables, memorabilia, event tickets, and much more. Users will always feel as if they received value as most product auctions will allow users to apply the value of their bids toward the purchase of a deeply discounted item, if they do not win an auction.

Bobby Grich, 6 time All Star and 4 time Golden Glove winner, has agreed to endorse BetUGetIt. Management has been working to collaborate with a leading authentication technology company to further develop concepts for sales of collectibles and memorabilia that is guaranteed as authentic.

To further create value for our shareholders, the Board Of Directors has decided to spin off BetUGetIt,  into its own public entity. Therefore, in the coming months we intend to file an S-1 Registration Statement with the SEC to create a separate entity for BetUGetIt. All shareholders of TRTB on the record date of this transaction will receive a one for one share in the new entity. All shareholders on the record date will still own their original shares in TRTB, although the primary assets remaining in TRTB will be the public entity itself.  To effect this transaction, the Company will be required to file audits for the previous two years of TRTB. As of October 1,2014, the company is nearing completion of it’s audit for the past 2 years and is well underway in preparations for filing the S-1.

If you feel you need a more comprehensive understanding of how the company is moving forward, please feel free to contact us. We will dedicate as much time and energy possible with the investment community. As the CEO, it is my responsibility to create value for shareholders; I am open to suggestions at any time.

Further, the Company has terminated the shares that were received by the original sellers of the assets of Libigrow and Libigirl, in exchange for a release of indebtedness from the sale of those assets in 2011. These shares have been put back into the Company’s treasury. Also, a previous financing from 2011 that was potentially dilutive to all shareholders has been terminated in a mutually agreeable fashion, and the shares have been returned to the Company’s treasury.

In the future, we will attempt to disclose as much information as deemed appropriate, to help provide existing and potential shareholders the comfort we are working for you, not against you.  As a new and hopefully disruptive online retail platform, we intend to keep some of our initial operations confidential, except as required in quarterly and annual filings and if necessary to promote the business or share with the investment community our development. We will be reviewing the metrics from our new business model and how we can share this information in a timely and valued manner. Once the business performance can be fully analyzed by management and outside accountants, we will better understand the metrics that will be meaningful on a forward-looking basis for the investment community.

Thank you very much for your interest in True2Beauty.





     William Bollander, CEO